Please help me understand what I experienced

In my dream last night I dreamt I was walking upstairs in my house and I stopped almost at the top and looked downstairs because “myself” called me. It looked like me but didn’t feel like me. It felt as if I was looking at a familiar person. “Myself” seamed eager to please and willing to kiss ass. But that’s not really like me. I like making people happy but I won’t kiss anyone’s ass because I don’t believe anyone is superior to someone else. Idk if this has anything to do with it but a few hours after I woke up I was meditation (just got into it like 3 days ago) and for the first time I sorta astral projected. I didn’t get to the point of moving out of my body but I did see myself as a child through living my favorite memories with my dad also as the focus. My actual face involuntarily made the biggest smile I’ve ever made. I began crying bc I was overcome with feelings of pure love and pure happiness still watching different memories. I’m just beginning my exploration into spiritual science so if you could help me explain my dream and help me understand what I experienced I would be very grateful! Thank you

I never do anything right I always fuck everything up and cause so many problem I’m sorry I really try to do my best